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Lunaba 2010

You plan a trip to Switzerland in 2010 ?

Why not make your trip really worthwhile and combine it with a visit to “LUNABA 10” in Lucerne

This great show runs from September 3rd to 5th and is being organized by the “Swiss Stamp Dealers Association” under the presidency of Christina Bamford-Rölli.

In addition to the internationally recognized level II competition, “LUNABA 10” will also include the popular team event “Swiss Champion”. “LUNABA 10” also presents exhibiting collectors one of the last opportunities to qualify for the National Exhibition to be held in Stans / NW (situated only 20 km from Lucerne), 2012.

The Postal Organizations of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland give the event an international flavor as sponsors of the “New Issues Show” where collectors compete with a single frame of stamps and covers – the fun is that in all the exhibits must only be composed with stamps issued after 1970.

The first day of the exhibition coincides with the first day of the Autumn issues of the Swiss Post who will be issuing a special postcard celebrating the Century of the popular “Bundesfeier-cards”.

In addition to the competing collections, the visitor can enjoy a number of other attractions at “LUNABA 10” including a number of non-competing top class collections, such as “The Post in Switzerland 1600 to 1850, a collection of “Bundesfeier”- Cards and an award winning thematic-collection on “Cycling”.

For those looking for inspiration and advice on how to further develop and expand their collections, take the opportunity to visit some of the twenty most reputable Stamp Dealers in Switzerland who are represented at “LUNABA 10”.

 Report TELL May 2010
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